Preparing for the SAT doesn’t have to be scary


Rolland McKibben, Reporter

Well KHS students, it’s nearing that time again. The time where juniors feel hours and hours of stress and obligation to study in preparation for the SAT. However, juniors should not be the only class thinking about the SAT; sophomores and even freshmen could see a lot of growth by preparing for it now. 

As most of you know, the SAT is a placement test to see what you have really retained in your high school learning. It is a major part of your college application and is a large part of how colleges determine which students to accept. It tests the math and English to achieve a total score of 400-1600 points, the average score being around 1050 points. Knowing that this standardized test could be the difference between a normal college and your dream college makes it clear why so many students start scrambling when test day draws nearer. Keep in mind though, many colleges have started making SAT scores optional for admission. However, the SAT is not as bad as it seems; and with the right mindset and strategies, you WILL be able to succeed.

The counselors here at KHS are here to help you and they will happily provide you with easy ways to study for the SAT at home and at school. Nearly all counselors when asked how to prepare for the SAT said to take the PSAT if possible. The PSAT is a great way to see where you are and what you need to improve on. It is also a great chance to see how the SAT will be formatted.

Counselor Brittanie Davis said that a very easy place to study is Khan Academy. Khan provides many in-depth resources regarding the SAT including format, practice questions, and practice tests. Moreover, if you took the PSAT, Khan can take those scores in order to make your very own study plan. It is a great resource many students have found success with. Gear Up hosted a SAT bootcamp this year that provided students with free information and strategies to use during the SAT. 

Lastly, in order to beat this test, you have to go into it knowing you will succeed. This test is literally designed to be challenging. Most students that take the time to prepare for the SAT have a large advantage over others taking the test. Any student can improve their scores on the SAT. but you must also remember to stay healthy physically and mentally before taking this test. That way you will be in prime condition for brain power.

Study effectively, practice good test-taking strategies, get some good sleep, eat breakfast before taking it, and make sure you’re overall taking care of yourself,” Davis said.