Not all heroes wear capes


Amanda Marvin

Senior Mitchell Van Horn participates in Unified Track. Van Horn plans to attend Ball State University to study nursing.

Brian Linus Ngatunga, Reporter

Kokomo High School (KHS) is an inclusive environment for students from all backgrounds. Whether it is international students or students with disabilities – KHS is a wide-open door to diversity, long-life relationships, and academic challenging curriculums that spike intellectual curiosity.

Mitchell Van Horn is a graduating senior of the class of 2021. At KHS, Van Horn has been part of the football team, National Honors Society (NHS), Health Occupation Student Association(HOSA), Varsity Club, Fortnightly, and volunteer work through school. Van Horn has also contributed majorly at KHS by working closely with Special Ed students. Van Horn shared more about his experiences assisting Special Ed students.

Q: When did you start getting involved in assisting the special needs students? What was your inspiration behind this? – or who inspired you to do this?

A: Well, I started to do Unified Track my freshman year. This experience sparked my interest:- It made me want to make even more of an impact on the special needs students. 

Q: Is your help connected to a class or this a voluntary activity? What is your role in the program? 

A: My career class “WBL Capstone,” aka Health Practicum allowed me to do this. I help supervise the P.E. class and play some games with the Special Ed students. I also help a student one on one and help him with anything needed. 

Q: How has your life changed since you started doing this? Or, what have you learned in the process?

A: 100%. It has changed my perspective on how to look at life. To always have patience and progress will come eventually! 

Q: I know that challenges are inevitable. What are some of the general challenges you have experienced in the process? 

A: Maintaining a positive attitude, some things can be very stressful and just a lot. But, knowing I am helping even just a little bit is so inspirational.

Q: What advice would you give to someone who wants to help out but does not know where to start? 

A: Do it to just try it. It is not for everyone and that’s okay. Give in to it with the most positive attitude and try your hardest. I would suggest asking your counselor if you can help out in P.E.

Q: What are your college plans? Do you want to pursue something like this in college or the future?

A: I plan to go to Ball State University and major in Nursing and specialize in children with disabilities.

Q: Are there any teachers or other helpers that you would like to shout out and thank for their assistance?

A: Ms. Lovegrove, Mr. Wilson, Mr. Dzierla, and Mrs. Stewart, Ms. Gabriel, Mrs. Harris, Ms. Seagrave, Mr. Bruce, and Ms. Saban. All of the Special Education teachers! I would like to thank their amazing sacrifices and unconditional love and support for the special education students.