High school can be tricky

Krislyn Horton, Reporter

The transition from summer to back to school has never been easy so you can only imagine being in a different environment with different people and experiences. This is especially true for incoming freshmen. The change from middle school to high school can be a big shock. So, how are this year’s freshmen settling in at KHS? 

“My transition into high school has been a little difficult, but I’m starting to get used to it,” said freshman Jayden Cote. Cote is looking forward to being a member of the wrestling team this year.

Freshman Heaven Ennis thought high school would be different than it actually is.

I didn’t think it would be this chill and the people are much more mature compared to middle school,” Ennis said. Ennis is hoping to finally decide on a future career while at KHS. 

Some of the seniors also offered advice for this year’s freshmen class.

Senior Lindsay Noel said, “Stay focused, I know it might not look like slacking off now is a big deal, but you’ll regret it later,” she said.  “I have learned so much in high school. Its taught me that you’ve got to work for everything and everything matters.”

Many seniors are still getting used to the fact that this is their senior year. s raija peoples  and we asked her what it felt like to be a senior

“I honestly don’t know how it feels yet,” said senior Raija Peoples. “It is the most straight forward year. I’ve come across some challenges but nothing I cannot handle.” 

For senior Kaden Krizer high school has taught him “to work hard for what you want in life.”

Whether you’re a freshman or a senior or anything in between, work hard this year. It’ll pay off in the end.