LadyKats volleyball prepares to wrap up season


Amanda Marvin

Sophomores Abby Hansen and Dani Tate block the ball at the net during a home volleyball match.

Molly Henderson, Editor-in-Chief

The Kokomo High School Volleyball team has had a tough season with only three wins out of nine games, but they aren’t ready to give up yet. As the season is wrapping up, the LadyKats are preparing for their final home game of the season against the Logansport Berries. The match is set for Thursday, Sept. 30. 

Head coach Rebecca Hatchet is working hard with her team to accomplish three goals this season: have consistent play, always compete no matter the team we play and to improve skill levels and knowledge of volleyball. 

Senior Jada-Claire Broomfield is hoping to build relationships with her teammates throughout the season.

“By the end of this season, I aim to have better connections and stronger relationships with my teammates than I had at the beginning,” she said. “Not only do I want to leave my team with good memories, but I also want to leave knowing that I was able to make a difference in each person’s life. Whether it be volleyball related or not, I want everyone to leave the season at least a little bit changed for the better.”

This year’s varsity volleyball team is made up primarily of underclassmen, with only four seniors on the roster. Hatchet is hoping the young team grows and improves as they reach the tournament.

“We are a young team, which means we are working to find consistency in the way we compete and execute. I think we have the possibility for solid, aggressive, and consistent play. I would love to see us reach that potential by the end of the season,” she said.

Over her four years as a LadyKat, Broomfield has left an impression both on and off the court. She hopes her younger teammates will use her advice and continue to grow and improve in the seasons to come.

The only limit set is the one you put on yourself. Your mind will keep you from achieving all that you want, but when you learn how to take control of those negative thoughts, nothing can stop you. Change your mindset, change the game, change your life.”