Lytle competes at golf regional, team wraps up season


Amanda Marvin

Junior Lizzy Lytle gets some practice shots in before a match at the Kokomo Country Club. Lytle was the lone LadyKat to advance to the IHSAA regional golf match.

August Shriver, Reporter

This season LadyKat golfers biggest goal was to build a family within the team. Now that they have a full team, sportsmanship and friendship are really important to them. 

“This is the closet our team has been to one another in years. These girls are some of the most supportive girls I have met.  On the course, they are consistently supporting and checking in on each other,” said head coach Kylie Kern. “They even hangout together now outside of practices and tournaments. During matches, they are sociable and positive. They are always complimenting good shots and giving words of encouragement in tough situations.”

The team supported Lizzy Lytle as she competed at the IHSAA regional. Lytle advanced to the regional competition after winning the North Central Conference championship and shooting an 85 at the sectional meet. Overall, the team improved greatly at the tournament.

“One highlight of the season for me was how our girls finished up at sectionals. We went into sectionals with an open mind and just wanted to focus on our game,” Kern said. “Our graduating senior, Layla (Andrysiak), ended up earning her personal best score in her whole high school golf career. I was really proud to watch her end her final season on such a high note!  It was a big accomplishment for her! On the same day Kamryn (Hahn) also shot her personal best.  Lizzy also had a solid score of 85.  Everyone‘s hard work lead our team to an overall fifth place score.”

Overall, the team grew a lot throughout the season and learned from each match they played.

“This has truly been a fun year!  I went into coaching this year with an open mind, just hoping we would have girls interested in playing the game.  It was amazing to see that we had seven wanting to play for that top five varsity spot,” Kern said.