Girls’ League brings Athens to 2021 Prom


Michael Marvin

Senior Andee Junker puts the finishing touches on a table for last year’s Prom. This year’s Prom theme is A Night in Athens.

Jackie Stout, Reporter

It may be a month away, but the excitement is already here. Junior/Senior Prom will be Nov. 6 at KHS from 8pm to midnight. This year’s theme is A Night in Athens.

Each year, Girls’ League members spend hours planning and decorating to make Prom a special night for everyone who attends. Whether you like dancing with your friends, getting dressed up or just enjoying the food, there’s something for everyone at Prom.

“It is the event of the year and a great opportunity to let loose and have fun,” said senior Molly Henderson.

While Girls’ League is still planning all the details, Prom attendees can expect “charcuterie board style (fruit, cheese, and crackers), small sandwiches such as ham and cheese, turkey and cheese, and chicken salad on croissants.” Other food items will be available, but are still being determined with the catering service. 

Tickets will be available from Oct. 11 – 15 and Oct. 25 – 29 during both lunches. The last opportunity to purchase tickets will be Oct. 29 after school until 3:30pm. Tickets are $70 for a couple and $35 for individuals. Only KHS Juniors and Seniors with a student ID can buy tickets.

“If you are bringing a guest who is not a KHS student, you must turn in a signed guest pass when you purchase the ticket. If you are bringing a guest who is not a KHS student, NO tickets will be sold without guest passes,” said Girls’ League sponsor Julie Canady. “Guest passes may be picked up on the counter in the main office.  If your guest attends another high school, the guest pass must be signed by their principal, so PLAN AHEAD!  Guests must be under the age of 21.”