Girls’ League brings Athens to life

When senior Grant Mayfield was crowned prom king, the whole crowd started to chant his name. He was so excited to hear his name called, but he felt amazing as he heard the chant get louder and louder. When Mayfield found out he had been nominated for the prom court, he told his sister, Kate, that he was the king.

“She explained to me that I was only on the court and not king yet,” Mayfield said. “I never doubted I would be king, even though my family constantly prepped me to shake the winner’s hand and tell him congrats if I lost.”

Prior to prom, Mayfield enjoyed dinner at his teacher, Angie Lovegrove’s, house with his friends. 

“Thanks class of 2022 for selecting me as your prom king and for showing the rest of the world what true inclusion looks like and feels like,” he said.

Senior Omarea Daniels  was very honored to be this year’s prom queen. Although she believed everyone who was nominated had a fair chance at winning, Daniels said it felt good to win.

“I enjoyed taking good pictures, going out to eat, dancing, and making life long memories with others,” Daniels said. 

As Girls’ League president, senior Andee Junker was very proud of the event.

“It was very rewarding to see my vision for the event come to life. I was very proud of not only all of the girls who worked hard to organize the event, but also myself as I worked very hard to keep things organized and make sure that everything was going to turn out as best as possible this year,” she said.

Junker also had the task of welcoming attendees and introducing the prom court, something that was a little scary at first.

“When I first learned that I would be welcoming everyone at prom and announcing in front of so many people I was very nervous but I actually enjoyed welcoming everyone and showing them what Girls’ League had worked so hard to put together,” Junker said.

From the food to the dancing, this year’s prom was deemed a success.

“Many students have shared with me that they thoroughly enjoyed themselves while at prom this year. The attendance was also much larger for this year’s prom than the attendance of last year’s prom,” Junker said.