KHS students start scheduling


Sam VerLee, Reporter

As the end of first semester approaches, many students are starting to think about what classes they want to take next school year. Whether you’re a freshman choosing classes for the first time or a junior getting prepared for senior year, choosing classes can be difficult, but there are resources throughout the school to help. 

Some students may be looking at  AP or DP class for the first time. While it’s a good challenge for many students, AP and DP classes may not be the right fit for everyone.

“We definitely want students to take rigorous classes! With that said, students should be mindful of their interests, strengths, and their other time commitments. AP and DP classes are going to require independent learning, good study habits, and more effort than you’ve likely had to put into classes before. Students should be prepare to be challenged,” said counselor Brittanie Davis. “That being said, I would recommend that students not give up!! You should be prepared to ask your teacher for help and utilize resources given to you. AP/DP classes will not spoon-feed you the answers and you should be prepared to critically think.”

Students will be begin drafting their schedules during class – 1th grade will schedule during US History and 9th and 10th grade will schedule during English. During Jan. and Feb. counselors will begin calling down students to finalize their schedules. Each counselor will call down students for their meetings, so students do not need to request a meeting. The final deadline to change classes for the 2022-23 school year will be the last day of the current school year.

With a variety of class options available at KHS and in the KACC, it’s important to start thinking about which courses will be the best fit for you.

“Don’t sign up for classes just because your friends are!! You should be doing what’s best for YOU. Also don’t sign up for classes based on the teacher who teaches it. There’s not guarantee that they will teach it next year. Sign up for the content of the class,” Davis said. “If you’re picking KACC classes, make sure you’re prepared to be in it for two years and earn a C or better to meet your graduation pathway requirement. Plan ahead! If you don’t know what a class is about, ask your teachers or counselors. Communicate with your counselor and tell them your interests – we can help you find classes that are a good fit.”