Stay occupied during Christmas break


Jasmine Hale, Reporter

Christmas is something people all over the world get excited about. Some families go places, some have Christmas parties, others just simply enjoy the holidays from home. With Christmas break coming up, we are all ready for the time out of school. This year it seems not many people are going out of state for vacations.

Junior Abagail Kuntzman is going to be enjoying the holidays in Fort Wayne with some of her family. She will also be participating in a youth convention at church for Christmas. Sally Hammac will be enjoying her holidays with a Christmas party at her grandparents lake house.

One popular holiday activity is baking Christmas cookies, a tradition I usually celebrate with my grandma. A family tradition Kaden Nicholas is looking forward to is the single present that he is able to open on Christmas Eve.

This year many of our students are spending the holidays with friends, family and their significant other. Niko Ashburn says that he loves Christmas time, even though Christmas music rings through his head the whole month of December.

It seems that as KHS students we are excited for the sleep that we are going to be catching up on during our break away from school. Next semester we will all be well-rested and ready to start off the New Year.

The KHS newspaper and yearbook staff wishes you a happy and safe holiday!