What’s the best Christmas movie?

Jackie Stout, Reporter

Whether it’s the presents, food, or just being around family and friends, we can all agree that Christmas is one of the most exciting holidays. With the end of the semester and winter break just around the corner, the students of KHS are getting warmed up to the Christmas spirit. Even though we all enjoy Christmas, everyone has something different to look forward to.

When it comes to Christmas entertainment, there are popular movies and songs that allow us to enjoy the holiday with some extra cheer. According to junior Alayna Coffy, “Christmas is all about spending time with family.” What better way to do that than watch her favorite Christmas movie, Home Alone, together? 

There is more to Christmas than just presents even though opening them is sophomore Ethan Hughes’ and freshman Frankie Ochoa’s favorite part of the entire holiday. Shopping, ice-skating and looking at Christmas lights are just a few things that people enjoy doing during the Christmas season. For people like senior Hailee Ramirez, the part of Christmas that is most enjoyable is the decorating.

But, what is a holiday without food? Christmas dinner is another exciting part of the holiday season to look forward to along with plenty of Christmas treats to choose from. Ramirez enjoys hot chocolate and sugar cookies while Ochoa likes homemade brownies.

So, with the holidays right around the corner, we have to know. What’s the greatest Christmas movie of all time? Vote in the poll below! Don’t see your favorite listed? Tell us what it is in the comments!

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What is the best Christmas movie ever?


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