Holiday traditions around the world


Jackie Stout, Reporter

Although it isn’t celebrated everywhere, there are many different versions of Christmas that are enjoyed all over the world. This year several international students will be staying in the U.S. for the holiday season. 

Mariana Ribeiro is a senior from Portugal who celebrates Christmas. She said the only difference between Christmas back home and Christmas here is that they open presents on the 24th instead of the 25th. She also said her favorite things about Christmas are eating lamb, dancing and seeing her grandma.

Lea Boog is an international student from Germany who celebrates Christmas. Her family has a tradition that she described as “kids wait in the kitchen. A bell rings, which means that Jesus brought the presents and the parents go look [and then the kids go in].” She enjoys eating schnitzel with potato salad and fish with her Polish family. 

Fernando Heredia is an international student from Mexico. He participates in a Secret Santa gift exchange as a family tradition. He enjoys eating turkey, potato salad and fruit salad while spending time with his family.

“{Christmas} is very similar, but in Mexico we have ‘Recalentado.’ It is to eat the rest of the food the next days of Christmas with your family, but that event is not formal,” he said. 

However, there are some students like Mais Alshoman who do not celebrate Christmas. Alshoman is from Saudi Arabia where she celebrates a Muslim holiday called Ramadan instead of Christmas. She enjoys spending time with her family and eating samosas during this time.

No matter what holiday you celebrate during this season, enjoy the time with your family and friends. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!