Stay safe in the cold weather

Sam VerLee, Reporter

The winter season is currently in full swing. Although we haven’t had a lot of snow this season, there’s no saying how much will end up falling. But just in case we end up with a lot of snow, we’ve got you with five easy tips and tricks that can help you get through this season. 

For you drivers out there, here are some essentials for any kind of snow or ice. Make sure you have a good set of windshield wipers to effectively clear your windshield of any snow that may accumulate. Make sure to keep a scraper and a snow brush ready in the trunk if you get stuck with too much snow or ice.

Another tip for drivers is that you should keep the heat on. Not only for comfort, but to keep your car from fogging up. Use your windshield defroster to help your view stay clear. If you feel comfortable doing so it may be a good idea to leave the heat running in the car for a few minutes before you get in to make sure you don’t get cold.

One tip for your home is to make sure that all windows are closed completely and tightly. It may not seem like a big deal, but the slightest cra can leave you waking up freezing.

Another good tip is to invest in some winter gear. It doesn’t have to be super well made or expensive but a coat, a hat and some gloves can really go a long way in making sure you stay warm this season.

This last tip is for drivers too. If you just got your license you may be scared to drive on the ice. The best advice I have been given on this topic is to imagine you’re driving with a glass of water almost full on your dashboard. If you stop too hard it’ll knock it off. Likewise if you take off too fast. Doing this can help prevent crashes before they happen. 

I hope these tips helped. Stay safe out there KHS!