Indoor winds ‘dreams’ up new show

Sam VerLee, Reporter

The KHS indoor winds is already hard at work this year improving their 2022 competition show, What Dreams May Come. This year’s show follows a character into and through the dream world. Director Justin Ekstrom is hopeful about the competition season.

“We are optimistic about our future competitions. Students have worked hard behind closed doors to create a great product, and contests are our chance to share that with the marching arts community,” he said.

In their first competition of the year, the group placed fourth. After each competition the indoor winds returns to rehearsal to make their show even better.

“I’m looking forward to the continued development of our members after several years of challenges and setbacks. After every rehearsal and performance, there is noticeable progress,” Ekstrom said. “I look forward to the end of the season when we can look back on where we began and be proud of all that we accomplished.”

That continued growth and development is a top goal for the group this year.

“We never want to feel like we haven’t gotten things accomplished. I asked members to create their own goals at the beginning of the season, so we are doing our best to meet those personal goals,” Ekstrom said.

For sophomore member Sara Nelson, participating in indoor winds is a chance to learn and meet other students.

“Indoor winds is a great opportunity to meet other band students who are at different levels than you, and also a great opportunity to learn new skills and build character,” she said. 

You can see indoor winds perform their show What Dreams May Come March 12 at Westfield High School, March 19 at Center Grove High School or March 24 at Memorial Gym.