Kokomo Indoor Percussion taps their way to the top

Envy Hawkins and Molly Henderson

Kokomo Indoor Percussion is one of Kokomo High School’s most decorated performing arts groups as the 2016 Champions of the Indiana Percussion Association State Finals and IPA State Finalists from 2017 through 2021. This year’s show, “Good Vibrations,” is themed around the music of the Beach Boys. KIP is under the direction of Mr. Brandon Anderson. 

Auditions for indoor percussion took place last semester and for the first few days, KIP members experimented with different instruments until they found which instrument fit them best. A few musicians ended up picking instruments that they had never played before. 

“I learned a new instrument, the bass drum. I already played the clarinet and the traditional drum set, but the bass drum is a lot different than both of those,” freshman Lukah Kincaid stated in an interview. This is her first season with Kokomo Indoor Percussion. 

“Good Vibrations” is a more relaxed show than those of the past. Last year’s show, “A Beautiful Day”, had the musicians dressed like Mr. Rogers. Uniforms for the 2019 show “Tune Up!” consisted of auto worker’s jumpsuits and smears of greasepaint as makeup. For “Good Vibrations”, KIP is simply dressed in Hawaiian shirts. 

One of KIP’s most recent team-building activities included tie-dyeing their show shirts during a practice. Sophomore Rae Santos, another member of KIP, enjoys both the music and social aspect of the group. “Spending time with the people I’ve gotten close with is my favorite part of being in KIP,” said Santos. 

Kokomo Indoor Percussion competes each Saturday at different locations around the state of Indiana as they gear up for their state finals. IPA State Finals will take place on April 2nd, 2022 at Indiana State University.