C’mon Kats, let’s jive!


Molly Henderson, Editor-in-Chief

Since the announcement of the spring formal, the halls of Kokomo High School have been abuzz with conversations about shoes, dresses, dates, and more. The spring formal is the one dance at KHS open to all grades. For the junior class of 2023, this will be their first high school spring formal and for the freshmen and most sophomores, this will be their first high school dance ever. 

The Gatsby Gala, the theme for this year’s formal, was chosen by the KHS student council. “We wanted a simple, but elegant theme… the roaring twenties gives us the opportunity to have beautiful decorations in a shorter time frame… we can’t wait for everyone to see it!” said Student Council President Rilyn Wonnell. 

“We could always use help at set up and tear down and anyone in the student body is welcome to help,” Wonnell stated when asked how the general student body could help with spring formal. Anyone who comes to setup or tear down will get $5 off their ticket. Anyone who comes to both setup and tear down will get $10 off their ticket. 

Senior Mackenzie Taylor hopes to have fun at the dance with her friends and boyfriend, a KHS graduate from the class of 2021. “I’m so excited to have a formal dance again! Let’s get ready to party!” Taylor was voted as the formal princess of the 2019 semi-formal for the class of 2022. 

The Gatsby Gala will take place on Friday, March 18th at 8:00 PM in the KHS foyer. Tickets are $25 and will be on sale at both lunches starting Wednesday, March 9th.