How to survive a high school dance

Molly Henderson, Editor-in-Chief

The majority of the student body at KHS have never experienced a high school semi-formal dance. After all, KHS hasn’t had a semi-formal since March 2019. Most of us are pretty clueless about what to wear, how to get ready, and how to behave when you get to the dance. Here are some tips and tricks for surviving a high school dance. 

Picking what to wear can be pretty difficult. You want to look your best without looking like you’re trying too hard, you want to match your date or your friends without looking cringey, and you want to make sure that your parents will let you out of the house. 

  • Don’t break your wallet on an outfit you might only wear once. Look around at thrift stores, consignment shops, and the clearance sections at Kohl’s or other shops at the mall. 
  • Dress in a way that makes you feel comfortable. If you don’t want to wear a dress, don’t wear a dress. If heels hurt your feet, don’t wear heels. I love dresses and dislike heels, so I’m going to wear a dress and flat shoes. 
  • If you want a corsage and boutonniere, pick a flower and color that matches or compliments your outfit for formal. You want your corsage/boutonniere to embellish your outfit, not take the attention away from it. 
  • If you plan on doing your nails or wearing jewelry, follow the same guidelines as choosing a corsage and boutonniere. Your nails and accessories are not the main event: you are. 

Now that you know what to wear, let’s go over the getting ready process. For some, it can take only thirty minutes. For others, it can take up to a few hours. Estimate how long it will take you to get ready and add at least fifteen minutes, especially if you are getting ready in a group. 

  • Take a shower. Sweating at a high school dance is inevitable, but it can be minimized. 
  • If you are wearing makeup, you’ll want to set aside at least thirty minutes to do your makeup. Rushing your eyeliner can end pretty tragically. 
    • About a week before formal, I practice the makeup that I’ll be wearing so I’m not flying blind. This prevents making a mistake doing your makeup ten minutes before you have to leave. 
  • Wear proper undergarments. Everyone has heard a story from someone about a wardrobe malfunction at a school dance. Wear something underneath your outfit that will keep you covered even if something goes wrong. 
    • When wearing a dress or a skirt, tights and a pair of spandex shorts are my go-to. 
  • Go easy on the perfume/cologne. You want to smell good, but so does everyone else. 
  • Bring only what you need. You will not need $100 in cash, eight maxi pads, a hairbrush, a full size bottle of perfume, and your AirPods. 
    • I suggest bringing your lipstick, your fully-charged phone, your school ID, your credit card, and $30 cash. Other necessities could include hair pins and hair ties. This can all fit in a hand held bag. 

Once you get to the dance, there’s only two things left to do: be safe and have fun!