School calendar gets changes


Ellyse Dalton, Reporter

When school is closed because of bad weather or frigid temperatures, it may seem like a free day to lay around or catch up on sleep. But, those days have to be made up. Due to the amount of missed days, there may be a lot of confusion happening about when those days will be made up. 

The school calendar already has some days built in to use for bad weather. One of those days was President’s Day. School will also be in session on April 15.

“We have to make up a day May 20 for a snow day,” Pinson said. “We will now take final exams on May 26 and 27.” 

There are also several events coming up that students should be aware of. Spring break begins on Monday, March 28 and is two weeks. School will resume on Monday, April 11. The TechnoKats season is in full swing, the indoor performing arts groups are preparing for the Winter Showcase and the Drama Club is busy rehearsing their spring musical, “Little Shop of Horrors.”

This weekend, Student Council is hosting the spring semi-formal and the boys’ basketball team will compete in the Final Four.