Drama Club brings flower shop to life


Jackie Stout, Reporter

The KHS Drama Club is gearing up for their spring musical, Little Shop of Horrors. The cast will bring the story to life Thursday and Friday at 7pm. Tickets, $10 for adults and $8 for students, can be purchased at the door before each performance. 

Little Shop of Horrors is about overlooked floral assistant Seymour, played by Talon Hawkins, who discovers a new plant breed. Little does he know that the plant, voiced by J’Lan Stewart desires to rule the world. All Seymour has wanted is a better life, as has the shop’s owner Mr. Mushnik, played by Sam VerLee. Seymour names the strange plant Audrey II after his coworker Audrey, played by Abby Double.  The story is told by the Do-Wop girls, Morgan McCloud, Madelyn Hole, Noelle Duncan and Nora Marden. The plant brings fame and fortune to the flower shop. However, the story takes a dark turn. 

 “It is a story of ambition gone wrong,” said Drama Club director Randi Weeks. 

Weeks believes this show has something for everyone.

“These student performers have put in long hours to bring this story to reality,” Weeks said. “Some of them have absolutely incredible voices….and then there is a plant seeking world conquest. What more could you want for an evening of entertainment?!”

Check out Little Shop of Horrors this Thursday and Friday at 7pm in the KHS auditorium.