Dance team competes at nationals, state


Senior Jillian Braswell performs with senior Karley Trine during the dance team’s “Fight Night” halftime performance.

Jasmine Hale, Reporter

This year’s KHS dance team really impressed coach Gina Curl with their improvements on technique and performance.

“They grasped the intensity of their jazz dance and the intent of their hip hop,” Curl said.

The team went to nationals this year, where they placed 15th. The team also placed second in jazz at the state finals. Curl credits her senior dancers for the improvement and success of this year’s team.

“Watching Seainna, Jillian, Amarian, Cloe, and Nadia grow has been amazing. Jillian was a true leader this year. Seainna always performs and you are just drawn to her,” Curl said.

During the season the team got to really know each other and had some wonderful bonding experiences causing the team dynamic to improve.