Kats are Back at It

Regan McClain, Sports Editor

After finishing their season at semi-state last year, the KHS boys’ basketball team has come back on a revenge tour ready to give their all. The team has brought in extraordinary numbers of fans and supporters from the whole community. Everyone wants a seat to watch the Kokomo Wildkats. 

Currently, the Kats are 15-4 and undefeated in the North Central Conference with a record of 7-0. They have won eight straight games.

“Our first goal is to win the NCC. Second goal is to win the sectional,” said head coach John Peckinpaugh. 

Focusing on these goals and having them has helped the team going into each game, especially conference games. The team having the same goals and eyes in the same direction help build the team’s motivations to achieve the goals they have. 

“I think there is more pressure. No one expected us to go so far. The boys’ have handled it well and give them a sense of urgency to make another run,” said Peckinpaugh. Keeping the boys’ mindsets in the same place has helped them come together as a team and be able to play as a unit once they got into their flow. 

The team has always had a connection with one another and it really showed throughout last year, but that did not stop them from picking up where they left off. A full starting lineup returned for the new season allowing players to know what is expected from the coaches as well as a great relationship with their teammates. The Kats have learned to adapt and play as one in order to get the job done. 

“Playing top teams and finally getting into the flow of our game has had a big impact. We have started to play as a team again,” said senior Deundre Kirby. 

Finding the connection again between the team has allowed for a lot of success early on. Building that bond early and discovering it at the right time last season has granted it to carry onto this year. 

These top teams have really challenged the team and also showed what the team needs to work on. The difficulties have had a lot of impact on the team allowing them to become more successful and adjust to different things that they needed to fix. 

“When making the season schedule, we wanted to challenge our players and make them work for it,” said Peckinpaugh.

Building and challenging the players was much considered when going into the season. They knew the players would have to work and get the job done and focus on one game at a time and get better everyday.

“We’re very determined and hardworking. We go in and put in the work you don’t see. The amount of dedication it takes and the physical challenges we face is something you wouldn’t know. We come in and hustle everyday no matter what we have going on. As well as the mental challenges through an entire season,” Kirby said. 

The aspects and work that goes into the game behind the scenes is more than is seen when they come out and play each week. Pushing through and getting a win is the goal going into every week. The challenges that the players are facing don’t just help them now but will in the long run. 

The excitement of this season has allowed for a different type of feeling and atmosphere within the games and community. The rest of the year should follow suit. All of the players’ dedication and motivation staying in line and pushing each other everyday will ultimately lead to success in the long run.