Stay safe with winter driving tips


Krislyn Horton, Reporter

Driving during conditions that are not ideal can be challenging for anyone, but especially for new and young and inexperienced drivers. According to the AAA, in 2018, there were over 8,200 car accidents in Indiana. The cause was determined to be “speeding too fast for weather conditions.” Almost 20% of all traffic accidents in Indiana during 2018 happened during some type of adverse weather event.

So, what is the key to safe driving in the snow? Car and Driver says to be smooth with the steering wheel, accelerator, and brakes.

“Jerky movements with the controls easily unstick tires that have a tenuous grip on the slippery road, so every turn of the wheel, push of the brakes, and movement of the throttle must be deliberate, gentle, and gradual,” the article stated.