Students plan Black History Month museum


Students visit last year’s Black History Month museum during lunch. This year’s museum is scheduled for Feb. 22.

Jasmine Sargent, Reporter

Each February, KHS students work together to host a Black History Month museum. This live event is about honoring some of the most influential black names of all time, according to teacher Mary Hinkle. 

The students who plan the event choose a theme that honors African Americans, and will ask other students to represent influential people in black history. For this year’s event, students will represent African American singers. This is the seventh year for the event. The students don’t talk, but they will be dressed up and will present a written statement. 

Junior Tazariana Davis and senior J’Lan Stewart are the students tasked with preparing the museum event. Davis believes the Black History Museum is a KHS tradition that gives “black staff and students a chance to gather together and express and embrace black history-makers.”

Students who are interested in participating in this year’s black history museum should contact Davis, Stewart or faculty advisor Jenifer Luckey.

“I personally did the black history museum because my best friend begged me, but it turned out to be the best thing I could’ve done,” Davis said. “It was so much fun and I was enlightened to know that so many participated along with me so I didn’t feel singled out.”

This year’s Black History Month museum will be Feb. 22 in the foyer during both lunches.