IB sophomores prepare personal projects


During his sophomore year, junior Everett King-Brown presented his personal project. The project is a requirement for the IB programme.

Regan McClain, Sports Editor

Students in the IB program, at the end of their sophomore year, must present a personal project relating to something they are passionate about. Based on these interests, they must create a presentation and present it to students in the school. 

With the challenges that come with planning the project, students are mentored by teachers in the school. These teachers help students to get a better understanding of what they were supposed to do and the best way to achieve their goals for the project in an organized way. 

Sophomore Aviannah Pollard is focusing on baking for her personal project. With the help of Kaly Griggs, the culinary teacher in the career center, and English teacher Leslie Lewis, she has been able to plan for her project in a very beneficial way. 

“I have planned very thoroughly for my project. I had a process journal to keep everything I do relating to the personal project in an organized way. We would set up meetings to help me get a better understanding of what I was supposed to do,” Pollard said.

Her goal at the end of her project is to be successful in baking by herself as well gain confidence for future challenges she may face and be able to overcome them on her own. 

“This project has affected me because it makes me think about something that I really love to do, but also how I can be more organized with work,” Pollard said. 

In the long term, the lessons that can be learned from this can be used in each student’s future. Learning efficient techniques to help work productively can be beneficial for upcoming occupations.

The IB personal projects will be set up Thursday in the Media Center and the Art Awareness Center.