Students concerned about Fall Break e-learning

Keilani Gaillard, Reporter

By now KHS students and faculty have heard about assigned E-learning during Fall Break. As you could imagine, many students aren’t very happy about the change in the school schedule. Some students feel like Fall Break isn’t really a break if you still have to do school work.

KHS principal had some reminders for students that will hopefully ease some of the stress they are feeling. 

“Do the work assigned, and remember that there is no requirement to log into your class at a certain time,” she said.  

Vice principal Jason Spear also offered some advice for students heading into e-learning. 

 “The intent is not to overwhelm the student or teacher. The intent is to gain a few additional days of instruction,” he said. 

As always, remember that teachers are there to help. As Spear stated, “email, ask questions and don’t wait until the last minute.”

So, while you will have some assignments to work on during Fall Break, remember to take some time to relax and have fun too. 

 “Stay positive. Understand that we are using the days to help us in the long run. Know that we do not want to overwhelm you,” Blessing said.