New lockers cause frustrations to start new year

Produced by Jaylee Copeland and Mariana Taskey

Alanah Fillenworth, Reporter

This year at KHS, the students and faculty have been hit with a tidal wave of changes. From new policies about masks and social distancing to new food in the cafeteria, this school year has been drastically altered. However, not all the changes have been that bad.

In the hallway just across from the cafeteria and next to the media center, new lockers were installed over the summer. These new lockers stand out, not only because of the bright blue color but because they are much wider than all the other lockers. But this new and exciting change did not start out that way for everyone.

The lockers proved to be quite difficult to open at first. Students didn’t know there was a trick to popping open the the door. 

“I felt like I was running up and down the hallway all day for the first couple of weeks,” said English teacher Amanda Marvin. “I didn’t know there was anything different about opening the new lockers, so I wasn’t sure how to help kids.”

But over time, most people have been able to figure the new lockers out.

“You get used to them and then they are actually really easy to use,” said senior Kat Fink.