It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas…break

“It’s glistening once again, with candy canes and silver lanes aglow!” 


Bridget Baumfalk, Reporter

As the days get shorter and colder, Christmas draws near.  Although I doubt anyone is a fan of the freezing temperatures, I’m sure that most everyone is excited for Christmas break.  Even though Covid-19 might change the way you normally spend your Christmas, there are still many fun and inexpensive activities to do this time of year.

One of the merits of the cold weather is that there are several fun activities one can do inside where it’s warm.  There are several streaming services and T.V. channels that have Christmas movies available to watch. America’s favorite Christmas movie is Home Alone, but there are many other festive movies to watch this holiday season. Junior Layla Andriasak loves watching Hallmark movies with her mom and brother.  Another popular classic is The Polar Express. It always feels like Christmas when you’re drinking hot chocolate and watching The Polar Express.  Some other festive things to do can be to decorate a Christmas tree, struggle to assemble a gingerbread house, and bake sugar cookies. 

If you don’t mind the cold weather and the snow then outside activities are fun too!  Christmas lights are beautiful at night, so make sure you get down to the We Care Park soon.  The park is open from 6pm to 9pm.  Unfortunately this will be the last year that the We Care Park will be up and running.  Another local activity is ice skating at the Kokomo Municipal Stadium.  Tickets are $8 and public skating is open on select dates.  Once there is a heavier snowfall you can make a snowman or have a snowball fight.  

Enjoy Christmas break and stay safe!