Students gear up to pick classes


Juniors Molly Henderson and Bridget Baumfalk work together to pick colors for the 2021 yearbook. Students can join the newspaper or yearbook staff to work on the publications.

In the heat of Covid-19, many students may be struggling with picking classes for next year. The Red & Blue staff is putting a spotlight on a few classes that are new or lesser known at KHS. Check these out for the 2021-22 school year. Be thorough with your class choices in high school. You have four years to make high school the most fun and productive it can be; be sure to take your time and consider your options. These four years of high school greatly impact the rest of your life; make sure to take them seriously.


Advanced P.E.: Swimming 

10th-12th grade

Swimming is a class for the strong swimmers. You must have completed both years of your required PE credits to join. American Red Cross (ARC) certification in Lifeguarding will be offered for those able to meet the requirements set forth by the ARC. Emphasis will be placed on lifesaving strokes and skills as well as recognition of potentially harmful situations in and around the swimming pool area.

DP Physics SL      

11th or 12th grade (1 year)

DP Physics is designed to introduce students to the laws of physics, the experimental skills required in physics, and the social and historical aspects of physics as an evolving body of human knowledge about nature. Covers a wide variety of topics that will offer a good introduction into physics.  Suitable for any student regardless of future academic plans. 

Physics SL is a great class to learn ideas from a wide range of topics.  It takes the best parts of AP Physics 1 and 2 and combines them.  If you are only going to take one physics class in high school, I would take this one,” said teacher Tom Ferguson. 

Ferguson also notes that DP is the same difficulty as AP and you do NOT have to be a full DP student to take this course.

School Paper/ School Yearbook    

10th – 12th grade

The school newspaper and school yearbook classes focus on using interviewing and writing skills to put together issues of our school paper, Red and Blue. The yearbook staff also produces and designs the school yearbook. This year’s yearbook is currently in the works. You can choose to take this class for both semesters of the school year or just one.

“Being on either the newspaper or yearbook staff is a great experience for students who are interested in writing or designing the publications,” said adviser Amanda Marvin. “The staffs are a lot of fun to be on!”

DP Dance SL

11th-12th grade (1 year)

Learn variety of dance traditions and cultures – past, present, and looking toward the future. Performative, creative, and analytical skills are developed and valued. This course develops students who may become choreographers, dance scholars, or those who may seek life enrichment through dance. Be comfortable dancing in front of others.

Dance Performance

9th – 12th grade 

Learn several ethnic-folk dances from around the world. Salsa, swing, schuhplattler, cumbia, tango, and many other individual, group, and partner dances are taught in the class. Be comfortable dancing in front of others.

DP German AB Initio 

11th – 12th grade

The terms DP, AB, and Initio are all very scary sounding, but this class is not as daunting as it looks. If you have ever wanted to learn the German language along with culture, then this class is for you.

DP Sports Exercise, Health Science SL 

11th – 12th grade

Students interested in this class must have a B in Bio & Chemistry. This course incorporates the disciplines of anatomy and physiology, biomechanics, psychology and nutrition, which are studied in the context of sport, exercise and health.