Winter guard works on new competition routine


Amanda Marvin

Junior Mackenzie Taylor works on a skill for the beginning of the winter guard’s show. The group has a competition tomorrow.

Rolland McKibben, Reporter

The KHS Winter Guard is back into the competition season. They have been putting hours and hours of effort into practicing their show for each weekend’s competition. The Winter Guard competes in their second competition tomorrow.

The Winter Guard is a group of  students that perform a routine with flags, rifles, and props. They perform intricate movements in time with music, similar to a dance. It is way more complicated than throwing flags around willy nilly; these students are performing incredible movements that require months and months of practice to memorize and master. They have been competing in state level competitions for 18 years straight. During the fall, the color guard performs alongside the marching band.

The guard has been practicing their current routine to the instrumental piece Experience by Ludovico Einaudi. 

“Our show this year doesn’t have a specific theme. We haven’t fully discussed the meaning of our show until we figure out the name of our show,” said junior Mackenzie Taylor. “Our team is very excited about this year’s show because we have a brand new tarp and one of our old band instructors built some really cool props for us. They’re really fun to perform on.”

This year’s Winter Guard is hoping to carry on the legacy of the guards before them. For the past 20 years, the KHS Winter Guard have been IHSCGA state finalists. This year’s guard set a goal to qualify again. One way the group is preparing for that is through practice.

“One of our strengths this season is that each practice we get better. We make so much progress at each practice and it truly shows,” Taylor said.

But, like most activities, Covid has changed things this year for the Winter Guard. The competition routine is different than what they are used to.

“We have to wear masks, there will be a small audience, and we have to leave right after we perform,” Taylor said. “It’s disappointing, but I am still very grateful that I get to perform this season.”