Students and staff await spring break


Bridget Baumfalk, Reporter

Spring break slowly approaches as each of us countdown the days until school lets out and relaxation checks in. Spring break starts once school lets out on March 26 and concludes on April 9.

This is the time where you can finally take a deep breath and just let go of all of the weight you are holding. Take the chance to hang out with friends or family. Pick up a new hobby or finish that project you’ve been waiting for the chance to do. Spring Break is the perfect time to go outside and enjoy the sun and read a good book or to stay in bed and watch that T.V. show you’ve been meaning to watch.

All that matters is that you unwind and give yourself some time meant just for you. School counselor Brittanie Davis advises students to “take care of yourself and disconnect.” After conversing with some of the student body here at Kokomo High School the general consensus is that students will be practicing sports, shopping, traveling to other states, and just relaxing either indoors or outdoors.

Canman wished to give the student body a special message. “Although I will be enjoying my spring break, polishing my metal exterior and digesting the ravioli inside of me, I will miss the students of Kokomo High School and will be gravely sad for the end of the canned food drive.”

Whatever you decide to do to relax for the next two weeks, have a safe and fun-filled spring break!