Juniors get ready for the SAT

Ellyse Dalton, Reporter

On Thursday, March 3, all KHS juniors will be taking the SAT. Taking the SAT is a requirement for one of the graduation pathways. When arriving to school on Thursday, students should report directly to their testing rooms.

Juniors are required to bring their laptops and chargers with them for the test. While a few extra laptops maybe available, there will not be extra chargers. Students should also have their ID – either school ID or driver’s license – with them. It is also recommended that students bring a calculator and a few sharpened pencils as well.

According to College Board’s rules, electronic devices are not allowed in the testing rooms. Students who bring their phones or other wearable electronic devices will be required to turn it over to the proctor until testing is finished.

Taking a test like the SAT can be stressful for students, but following a few pieces of advice can help students be more comfortable.

“Get a good night’s sleep; go to bed early the night before like around 9pm, get up early and eat a good breakfast,” said teacher Alex Quyenvo. “Take it easy when you take the test. Always check your work and don’t go so fast and make silly mistakes.” 

Freshmen, sophomores and seniors will not come to the school building on Thursday. Instead, they will be at home working on assigned e-learning.