Winter guard kicks off 2022 season


The KHS winter guard competes in their first competition of the season on Feb. 12. The guard earned second place.

Jackie Stout, Reporter

The KHS winter guard has started their 2022 season and it’s already much different than last year. 

Last season, the KHS Winter guard performed virtually for every competition except State Finals. This year there are 18 members on the varsity team with 14 first-years and four veterans.

The title of this years’ show is “Party of One.” When asked about her feelings on the upcoming competition, guard director Deanne Wideman said, “I am feeling excited, but very nervous. Last year we performed virtually except for state finals which was our only live performance. This year we are back to in-person performances.”

Wideman was honored as Teacher of the Year Nominee last month. She says her favorite part of being guard director is seeing her students not only grow as performers, but also as people.

“Working with young adults who are committed, passionate, and dedicated is very rewarding as an educator,” she said.

Brooke Wilson is a freshman who is one of 14 new winter guard members this year.

“I thought it would be a fun experience,” Wilson said. She is nervous about the competitions coming up, but she is excited for the bus rides to and from the competitions that she gets to share with the friends she has made on the team. Wilson’s goals for the season are to become more flexible and grow in skill.

LeeAnna Coons is a junior and a three-year veteran of guard. Coons  enjoys “performing and spending time with people I enjoy being around and doing something I love.”

Coons is also nervous about competitions, but she believes that with time the “newbies” will get the hang of it and everyone will be able to grow as a team.

“I’m so glad that guard has been such an important part of my life. I’ve met so many great people through it who I otherwise probably never would have known,” she said.

For three members of the guard, this is their last season to compete.

“I am looking forward to watching our three seniors perform and compete. They have grown tremendously and are simply solid, consistent and beautiful performers. I also am looking forward to watching our 14 new members grow as performers. Winter guard is a whole different experience than marching season, so I can’t wait to see their responses after our first contest. A light will go off and even more growth will occur after our first competition,” said Wideman. 

With so much to look forward to, there are no doubts that this will be another great season.

“The process will just take a little longer this year, but will be worth it in the end,” said Wideman.