Golfers tee off for new season


Amanda Marvin

Lizzie Lytle tees off during a match at the Kokomo Country Club last season. Lytle and the LadyKats match up with Tipton on Thursday.

Treyton Pagan, Reporter

This season, the LadyKat golfers are working hard to gain experience and improve their games throughout the season. After losing senior Molly Mavrick, the team gained some new players as well. Junior Lizzie Lytle was excited to have more golfers join the team. The LadyKats have been improving through each match they play.

“Every one has their own goals – mine is to break 80 – but we also want the experience of playing golf,” she said.

One thing the team has been trying to focus on and improve is their short game.

“Coach Kylie has told us we need to improve our short game – putting, chipping and pitching,” said Brileigh Quillen-Popejoy.

Lytle has seen the hard work her teammates have been putting in throughout the beginning of the season.

“I hope we all reach our goals,” Lytle said. “I appreciate the hard work and I hope we have a good season.”

The LadyKat golfers take on Tipton at the Kokomo Country Club on Thursday.